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How to Build Your Own Quote:
1. Determine how many analog guest rooms and staff extensions/ports like guest rooms, elevator, lobby, exercise room, breakfast, break room, maintenance, door-phone, bell, cordless, hallway, pool, fax, etc. If you have a total of 110 extensions/ports, you will need to select 120 rooms/ports. You must include superset that will be converted to Feature Phones in option 3 because they will use analog port. The system extensions/ports are in 24 increments.

2. How many front desk phones? Example: If you have 2 phones at your front desk, 2 IP Phones will be needed, select 2 front desk phones. This phone will replace your console phone and/or superset at the front desk. It is an IP Phone and connects like a computer in your office network. Each phone after the first one will cost an additional $149 each.

3. How many Mitel Superset do you have? Determine how many feature phones will be needed for manager. assistance manager, sales, bar, restaurant, buisness center, etc. Do not select this for the front desk, those phones are with the IP Phones. We use Aastra Model 9116LP with Call Display, Speakerphone, and message light to replace the Mitel Superset. Each phone will cost an additional $82 each.

4. Use the picture map to determine your travel charge.

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We have installed over 50 different systems since October 2017 across the USA. We gaurantee our work and have many successful installations and customers who are glad they made the change.

Installation and Training is included! 2 Years Warranty and Support! Lifetime software updates. All system settings and changes can be done remotely, even updates.

"Kari's Law Act of 2017" which requires hotel guests to dial 911 from any phone within the building without having to dial extra digits, also require 911 notification to the front desk when 911 is dialed. The Grandstream Hotel IP PBX offering meets this "Kari's Law Act of 2017" requirements. Whereas your SX-50, SX-200, and many other older PBXs does not.

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